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🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

How to Sober Up from Delta 8 Gummies

How to Sober Up from Delta 8 Gummies

Oct 27, 2023 | 0 comments

Hello there, friend! If you’re reading this, you’ve likely hit the point of feeling too high after taking Delta 8 gummies. No judgments here – we’ve all been there. We’re here to offer you a friendly and easy-to-understand guide on how to navigate these uncharted waters and return to a comfortable state of mind.

Let’s not waste any more time – here are a few helpful tips for navigating a “too high” high on Delta 8 gummies.Moonwlkr Delta 8 Cucumber Lime GummiesWhat Does It Feel Like to Be High on Delta 8 Gummies?

So, you’re wondering if you’re too high – we get it. Here are some key factors to consider as you evaluate how you feel:

The Key Discerning Factors for “High” vs. “Too High”

Before we dive into the methods of sobering up, let’s distinguish between riding the waves of euphoria often associated with a nice high and finding yourself in a place of discomfort (and sometimes, fear) when getting too high. 

If you’re at a normal level of high, you may be experiencing a few different things:

  • Heightened euphoria
  • A profound sense of relaxation
  • Your senses are seemingly in overdrive

On the contrary, if you’re too high, you may be:

  • Battling extreme anxiety
  • Experiencing a racing heartbeat
  • Paranoid
  • Dizzy
  • Nauseous
  • Feeling utterly disconnected from reality

If you’re encountering any of those uncomfortable symptoms, you’ve probably ventured into the “too high” territory. 

Take a deep breath – we’re here to help you find your way back to baseline.

How Long Does THC Stay in Your System?

The silver lining is that you won’t be in this state indefinitely – we promise, even if it doesn’t feel like it will, the high does end. Delta 8’s effects typically begin to fade within a few hours. 

While it can vary from person to person, you can generally expect to return to your normal self in 2-4 hours.

Once you feel sober, remember that THC can linger in your system for an extended period. On average, it can be detected in urine for up to 30 days post-use.

However, the whole reason you’re reading this is for a reminder that the psychedelic effects dissipate long before then – no worries there, friend.

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What Affects How Intense of a High Someone Can Get on Delta 8 Gummies?

Whether you’re a seasoned Delta 8 user or a curious first-timer, the intensity of a “high” can vary significantly from one person to another, and even from one session to the next. But what exactly causes these differences? 

These key factors influence the potency of your high:

  • Dosage: This one might seem obvious, but the amount of THC consumed plays a crucial role. Consuming a higher dose of THC will generally produce a more intense high. When it comes to Delta 8, it’s considered the milder high as compared to its cousin, Delta 9 – but with everyone reacting differently, be aware that this could differ for you.
  • Method of Consumption: Smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures – there are various ways to consume cannabis, each with its onset time and duration. For instance, edibles take longer to kick in but tend to result in a longer-lasting and sometimes more intense high compared to smoking. Obviously, for the purposes of this article, we’re discussing edibles – so this tidbit definitely applies here.
  • Tolerance: Regular Delta 8 consumers may find they need more over time to achieve the same effects due to increased tolerance. Conversely, a first-time user might feel more intense effects from a smaller amount.
  • Metabolism: Just as people metabolize foods and drinks differently, so too does the body process Delta 8 at different rates. Factors like body weight, age, and overall health can play a part.
  • Environment: Your surroundings can influence the perception of your high. A calm, familiar place might result in a more relaxed experience, while a noisy, crowded setting might amplify feelings of paranoia or anxiety.
  • Mood & Mindset: Your psychological state going into the experience can shape your high – and this could be amplified based on your environment (see above). Someone feeling anxious or depressed might interpret the effects of cannabis differently than someone in a cheerful or relaxed mood.
  • Interactions with Other Substances: Consuming alcohol, medications, or other drugs alongside Delta 8 can either intensify or diminish its effects. Always be cautious and informed about potential interactions.

Remember, everyone’s experience with Delta 8 is personal. The combination of the factors above will determine the intensity and quality of your high.

To get the most out of your cannabis experience, it’s essential to understand these variables and how they might interact with one another – we want you to have the best possible experience, so proceed with caution.

Can You Overdose on Delta 8 Gummies? Understanding the Facts

When you get that “Oh man…I’m way too high” feeling, the term ‘overdose’ entering your brain can amplify the alarm bells already going off in your head. But we’re here to help – let’s demystify whether you can overdose on Delta 8 gummies.

Technically, consuming an excessive amount of Delta 8 can lead to an unpleasant experience, including excessive sedation, confusion, dizziness, anxiety, and a racing heart and mind. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between this kind of discomfort and a life-threatening overdose. 

To put your mind at ease before we get into the details, the answer is seemingly: “no.”

Has Anyone Fatally Overdosed on Delta 8 Gummies?

To date, there have been no reported fatal adult overdoses linked to THC, be it Delta 8 or Delta 9. However, that doesn’t mean there is no harm in excessively consuming THC products – for example, a study notes that overconsumption of THC is harmful when behind the wheel or operating a moving vehicle. This is to be assumed, so please make safe choices while under the influence.

Always start with a low dose, especially if you’re new to Delta 8 gummies, and give it time. Everybody’s body reacts differently, and it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Remember, it’s about enjoying the experience and understanding your limits.

How to Sober Up from Delta 8 Gummies: 9 Tips and Tricks

Remember, everyone’s experience with being too high is unique, and it’s okay to seek help or take the time you need to feel better. When you’re feeling too high, staying calm is essential. 

Here’s a list of nine tips to help you navigate the situation and ease the heart-racing feelings you may be experiencing:

  1. Breathe Deeply: We know, we know – you’ve heard it before, but bear with us. Research shows that slow, deep breaths can help reduce anxiety and calm your nervous system. Inhale for a count of four, hold for four, and exhale for four. Repeat until you feel more relaxed.
  2. Take a Nap in a Comfortable Space: Seek out a quiet, comfortable environment where you can relax without distractions and put on some calming music to make it even more serene. If possible, try taking a nap in a dimly lit room to calm your brain and sleep off the high feeling. After all, who doesn’t love their bed when they’re not feeling themselves?
  3. Ground Yourself: Use grounding techniques to stay connected to the present moment. Not sure how to do this? Try focusing on your surroundings, touching objects you’re familiar with, or even splashing your face with cold water.
  4. Tell Someone You Trust How You’re Feeling: Share your feelings with a trusted friend or family member who can provide reassurance and support. Try shooting a text to a friend so they can virtually sit with you through your experience. 
  5. Distract Yourself: Engage in a simple, enjoyable activity like coloring, drawing, or playing a musical instrument to divert your attention.
  6. Avoid Stimulants: Steer clear of caffeine, alcohol, and other stimulants that can exacerbate anxiety and dehydration.
  7. Take a Warm Shower or Bath: A warm shower or bath can be incredibly relaxing and help ease physical tension.
  8. Remind Yourself It’s Temporary: Keep in mind that the effects of Delta 8 are temporary and will eventually subside (we covered this above – but just give yourself a gentle reminder when your mind starts to race). 
  9. Stay SUPER Hydrated: Grab a giant water bottle and sip consistently. This will not only combat dry mouth, but will also help flush THC from your system. Which leads us to…

The Crucial Role of Hydration in Sobering Up from Delta 8

Hydration is your ally in this journey back to sobriety. There are numerous studies (like this one and this one, for example) that show consistent water intake has a positive impact on mood and body recovery – so, consume plenty of water or other hydrating fluids to help boost your current state of mind and flush the THC from your system. 

Pro tip: Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, as they can exacerbate anxiety and contribute to dehydration that may prolong the “too high” feelings. 

Woman drinking water bottle

How to Adjust Your Delta 8 Dosage

To minimize the likelihood of finding yourself in this predicament again, it’s crucial to understand the appropriate dosage for your unique body and tolerance.

Adopt the “start low, go slow” approach when experimenting with new Delta 8 products. Everyone’s threshold varies, so take your time in discovering what suits you best.

To help with finding the right dosage for your body weight and tolerance, consider reviewing our Delta 8 dosage chart. It’s pretty handy!

To avoid future high-altitude mishaps, consider scrutinizing product labels for dosage recommendations, procuring your Delta 8 products from reliable sources, refraining from combining substances, especially if you’re uncertain about their potential interactions, and always having a sober companion by your side when exploring new products.

Time is the Ultimate Remedy to Sobering Up from Delta 8 Gummies

As much as we’d love a quick fix to instantly return to baseline, the ultimate remedy remains time and patience.

Trust the process – this too shall pass, and you’ll soon regain your composure and normal state of mind. In the meantime, tend to your well-being, stay well-hydrated, and know that you’re not alone in this experience.

Getting “too high” on Delta 8 gummies can be tough, but it’s a journey that happens to the best of us. Remember, it’s a transitory state, and with a bit of patience and self-compassion, you’ll soon find yourself back on familiar shores. Enjoy your cannabis adventures responsibly and safely.

To learn more about our products and ensure they’re right for you, explore our website and read the label for each product carefully. 

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