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🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

🚀 Free First Class Shipping On Orders Over $90

Do Delta 8 Gummies Expire? The Most Complete D8 Storage Guide

Do Delta 8 Gummies Expire? The Most Complete D8 Storage Guide

Sep 22, 2023 | 0 comments

The more we learn about Delta 8, the more impressed we become with this extraordinary cannabinoid. Interestingly enough, we’re realizing that Delta 8 may have a uniquely long shelf life compared to similar cannabinoids such as CBD and Delta 9 THC. And if you give your Delta 8 THC a little extra TLC by storing it properly, every dollar spent can be stretched over a long period of time!

So, without further ado, here are some expert tips from the team at Moonwlkr for storing your Delta 8 products for the long- and short-term.

Do Delta 8 Gummies Expire?

Everything expires at some point. We’re still learning about the shelf life and potency of Delta 8 over extended periods of time. But with proper storage, you can expect your Delta 8 to last around 2 years. That, of course, depends on the type of delta 8 product you’ve purchased.

We do know a lot about CBD storage, and we can use what we know about CBD to inform Delta 8’s storage for maximum potency.

Because CBD has been around for so long, we know that it’s shelf life is between 1-2 years. After that point, it’s chemical structure begins to break down causing it to lose its potency. Always check your product label for its expiration date. If you’re unsure because your product doesn’t list an expiration date, be sure to reach out to your product’s customer service team.

Delta 8 gummy storage in fridge kitchen

We also know that Delta 8 THC is technically a degraded form of Delta 9 THC. When you leave Delta 9 out for a long period of time, it goes through a process of oxidation and can turn into Delta 8 as a result. This process also explains why Delta 8 is less potent than Delta 9!

Since Delta 8 is already the result of degradation, its chemical structure is more stable than our other cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 9.

Because of this, we can infer that Delta 8 gummies may have a surprisingly long shelf life of up to 1.5 – 2 years if they’re properly stored.

But for optimal flavor and effects, we recommend you put your gummies to use within the first 6-9 months.

How to Store Delta 8 Gummies for an Extended Shelf Life

Storing your Delta 8 THC gummies has a lot to do with maximizing the potency, taste, and effectiveness of the product. (Try these 7 activities to enhance the sensory effects of Delta 8) Here’s our list of tips and tricks to extend the shelf life of your Delta 8 gummies for as long as possible:

1. Keep Products in a Sealed Container

A process that we mentioned earlier called “oxidation” is what causes cannabinoids to break down and degrade. The less oxygen and heat you allow to penetrate the product, the longer it will last. The more airtight the better!

2. Store in a Cool, Dark Place

When you’re not using your Delta 8 THC gummies, store them in your sealed container in a cool place inside your home without any bright light — like a cabinet or drawer. Or even better… The fridge!

3. Avoid Moist or Humid Environments

Exposure to humidity or moisture is another big factor that can negatively affect shelf life. Avoid places like your car, bathroom, or kitchen while you’re cooking.

What Happens if I Eat an Expired Delta 8 Gummy?

Like most ingestible products, Delta 8 THC will eventually expire. But the stakes aren’t as high as something like, let’s say, sour milk. Expired Delta 8 isn’t toxic or harmful, it just won’t produce any effects after it’s truly maxed out its shelf life and has lost all potency.

where can i store delta 8 gummies at home

How to Store Delta 8 Distillate?

Distillate is not a difficult product to store. Much like gummies, simply place it in a cabinet or drawer in your home that is away from light and in a temperature-consistent environment.

Delta 8 THC distillate can last up to a year and can be added to foods, flower, or mixed into drinks. However, this is not the product to travel with. So keep it at home to avoid having it lose its effectiveness.

How to Store Delta 8 Flower?

If you’re like most folks that hemp flower is in a plastic bag, you need to read this section and take notes.

Cannabis flower can lose quality quickly if they’re not stored correctly. Let’s be honest, no one wants to buy flower and have them lose their aroma and effectiveness.

There needs to be a balance between the location, storage container, and humidity. If your cannabinoid is stored in an area with high temperatures, it could further dry out the flower and reduce the trichomes and other active cannabinoids. And in a humid environment, it could cause your flower to grow mold.

For the ideal setting, place your hemp flower in a glass container, away from light, in a dark and cool location. 

How to Store Delta 8 Concentrate?

Delta 8 THC concentrates are for aficionados that enjoy leveling up their hemp game.

But as you’d imagine, a lot goes into preserving this type of product. So before you make the purchase, you need to consider where you plan to store it. Like the othe Delta 8 varieties, the biggest variables to look out for are humidity, heat, and light.

For short-term storage, we recommend placing it in a small silicone container in a cool, dark place. Air is the enemy for concentrates, so only open the container when necessary. With this method, they can last in a cabinet for up to a month.

For long-term storage, place it on parchment paper and then in a jar. And lastly, put it in the freezer until you’re ready for your next use. Doing this will ultimately preserve the concentrates for up to a year.

How to Store Your Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

There’s nothing worse than going to take a hit of your Delta 8 vape and finding that it’s clogged. Storing your D8 vape cartridge  properly will not only help to prolong its shelf life and preserve its effects, but it can help prevent clogging as well.

If you can, try to store your vape cart vertically after using it. Read more tips on preventing clogs here.

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Do Delta 8 Vape Carts Expire?

The shelf life of Delta 8 differs depending on what form the product is in — could be gummies, tinctures, distillates, or flower. When it comes to Delta 8 THC vapes , there’s good news! High-concentration extracts like vapes have much less storage requirements.

These high-concentration products are not as prone to oxidation as edibles or flower, so they tend to degrade very slowly.

However, if you store your vapes in a cool, dark place while they’re not in use, they will better retain their flavor and effectiveness for up to 24 months.

What Happens if I Smoke an Expired D8 Vape?

A quality Delta 8 THC vape cart that has expired won’t hurt you, it just won’t produce any effects… And might taste a little funky.

Should I Store Delta 8 in the Fridge?

All in all, there are 3 main things to remember when storing any type of Delta 8 THC product: keep them cool, dark, and sealed. What better place than the refrigerator?

Keeping your gummies in the fridge is one of the best ways to preserve freshness and potency. Whether it’s a gummy, vape*, or tincture, virtually all Delta 8 THC products stored in the fridge will experience an extended shelf life. 

*Note: Your Delta 8 vape cart may experience more clogging when stored in the fridge. So if you plan to use your vape cart often, the fridge may not be the best place for it. 

Can I Store Delta 8 in the Freezer?

Storing Delta 8 THC in the freezer — specifically edibles — might be the #1 way to ensure long term freshness. If you’ve racked up a lot of excess gummies that need to be stored, the freezer should be your go-to spot. The only downside here is the thawing process, which is undoubtedly a bit of a pain.

That’s why we recommend the fridge for short term storage, and the freezer as a long term solution when you know you won’t be needing your extra gummies any time soon.

How Do You Store Delta 8 Edibles in the Freezer?

The proper way to store cannabis edibles is in an airtight container, like glass jars, in a cool, dark, and dry place. Edibles in the freezer will stick together, so you might want to wrap each one separately in parchment paper or waxed paper. This will also make the thawing process much simpler and will allow you to defrost one at a time. For example, if you know you struggle with sleep sometimes, you might want to defrost a few melatonin gummies for two weeks or so to regulate your sleep cycle.

How Long Can Edibles Stay in the Freezer?

Storing edibles in the freezer can preserve their freshness for a year or longer. In contrast, gummies, hard candies, and chocolates typically last six months if unopened and stored in a cool, dry place.

If you bought a variety pack of edibles such as our Taste the Moon bundle, consider separating them by flavor to maintain their best taste and aroma over time. 

How to Store Delta 8 Gummies for Travel?

We love these tips from Off the MRKT on how to store your delta 8 edibles if you’re planning some long-distance traveling. 

Consider using a large pill box

You can use a Tupperware or large pill box to store and carry Delta 8 THC gummies on your trip

Whichever container or box you choose, it should be clean, dustproof, waterproof, odor-proof, and insect proof. It will help you in storing the gummies properly without causing any damage to them. It will keep the gummies away from any dirt or dust.

Using your box as an organizer, you can store other items, including medicines and health supplements like vitamins. Keeping them all together in one place makes it easier to find what you are looking for when they need it most!

Protect them from getting wet or moisturized

Keeping your gummies dry is crucial. They are a delicacy and should be taken care of as such. To do this, you must ensure they are kept at a cool temperature and away from moisture. It is also crucial that they are not exposed to any air or light, especially direct sunlight.

To put it simply: keep them in an airtight container! This will prevent moisture from reaching them and ensure they stay fresh longer. The best place to store your cannabis edibles would be in the fridge or freezer (but both at a time). It’s okay if it’s warm where you’re going—keep an eye on those gummies so they don’t get too warm!

Store your gummies in a suitcase

Make sure to use an airtight container that will keep the gummies from getting crushed by the pressure of a suitcase. Also, make sure it’s small enough to fit in one of your suitcases without taking up too much space or being too heavy. 

And finally, make sure it’s sturdy enough for travel; you don’t want the lid popping off!

If these conditions are met, we recommend using either a plastic tub or a resealable plastic bag for storage. These containers are easy to open and close and sturdy enough for travel.

Also, remember that when these delicious treats sit too long, their flavors can change, so try to avoid this by eating up all the good stuff before leaving on a trip with them!

How to Tell if Your Delta 8 Has Expired

Have you had your Delta 8 products for a while and just aren’t sure they’ve reached their expiration date? Here are a few easy ways to tell!

It’s Weak

Or worse, it’s completely ineffective. If your Delta 8 THC product just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you don’t feel any effects, it may have reached the end of its time.

It Looks Off

Discoloration happens when a product oxidizes. Vape oil can darken, products may pale or dull in comparison. Pay attention to the color of the product.

It Smells Odd

A quick way to tell if your Delta 8 has soured is with its smell. As the THC content breaks down inside, it can start smelling, well, odd. If it smells bad, it probably is.

Is the Shelf Life of Edible Gummies Similar to Regular Food?

Yes. That’s because cannabis infusions don’t affect the food’s expiration date. Edibles come with similar “best before” dates to their non-cannabis counterparts.

If you have weed gummies, they will go stale in the same amount of time as regular gummies, as will a cannabis-infused brownie and other formats.

Again, the presence of preservatives extends the shelf life of cannabis edibles. Gummies can last longer than other edibles because they come with significant amounts of sugar and natural acids.

You can use the same principles for homemade edible recipes. Weed-infused cookies should last as long as regular cookies. Try adding our Delta 8 THC Tinctures to some of your favorite recipes for an elevated dining experience amongst the stars! 

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Do Edibles Lose Potency Over Time?

Yes, although when stored properly, it should maintain its original potency for up to one year. Gummy edibles are the most popular edible option for a reason. Not only do they stay fresh for longer, but they also don’t lose potency as fast as other formats because it’s infused with cannabis resin oil or distillate instead of cannabutter.

When you make edibles with buttery infusions that involve dried cannabis buds, make sure to use fresh flowers for maximum potency.

Some older studies show the potency of cannabis drops over time:

  • 16% THC lost over 1 year
  • 26 % THC lost in 2 years
  • 34% THC lost in 3 years
  • 41% THC lost over 4 years

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