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How to Use Delta 8 and CBD Together

How to Use Delta 8 and CBD Together

Mar 9, 2022 | 0 comments

CBD and THC. A match made in cannabinoid heaven. And while the benefits and applications of CBD and THC are still being studied, more and more users are considering combinations of cannabinoids for enhanced effects.

In 2010, a study on pain was completed with cancer patients. Some patients were given pure THC extract. Others were given near-equal levels of CBD and THC. Those who received the CBD/THC combination treatment reported having less pain.

Moonwlkr Delta 8 and CBD

While more research needs to be done to be conclusive, we attempt to explore how you can try using CBD and Delta 8 together.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect is defined as the unique benefits, effects, and behaviors of cannabinoid compounds when they are used together. Each cannabinoid can create unique effects on the body. When they are combined with other compounds, the effects can intermingle, causing new or potentially heightened effects.

That’s a bit of what happened in the 2010 study we mentioned earlier. Combining pure THC with CBD led to some patients feeling less pain.

Let’s breakdown some common terms you might see when purchasing CBD products to help you understand where the entourage effect may be at play.

Full Spectrum Broad Spectrum Isolate
Major and minor cannabinoids together with some THC as well Major and minor cannabinoids together with no THC An isolated segment of a specific cannabinoid


There are no studies on using CBD and Delta 8 THC together. But lots of enthusiasts of the two products are eager to try them.

CBD vs Delta 8

To understand the potential effects of using CBD and Delta 8 together, let’s first review some of the reported effects of each compound.



Non-Psychoactive (No High) Psychoactive (High)
Cannabiniol (CBD) Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
Used medicinally and therapeutically. Used medicinally, therapeutically, and recreationally.
Most commonly taken as a pill, gummy, or tincture, or applied topically Most commonly taken in an edible form, or inhaled (smoked)
Lots of research and studies done on uses, effects, and benefits Some research and studies exist, but are not as comprehensive
Will not show up on a drug test May show up on a drug test

For more on CBD vs Delta 8 check out this guide.

How to Use Delta 8 and CBD Together

CBD’s positive effects are stealthy. They work quietly in the background of your everyday life. Depending on your dosage and method of consumption you may feel the effects differently. CBD is easy to integrate into your daily routine as a tincture or edible.

Delta 8 works fast and the effects are usually felt rapidly. Users of Delta 8 THC typically report reduced anxiety, reduced pain, sleepiness, and less nausea with a relaxed and mellow head-high. Depending on the method of consumption and dosing, the effects can be felt right away, or within 90 minutes.

Here are some ways to try using Delta 8 if you’re already an active CBD user:

  1. To reduce anxiety: Try taking a small vape hit or two before situations that usually make you feel anxious. Many of Delta 8’s users report feeling less anxiety which can help you approach situations in which your anxiety is usually flooded. While your CBD works in the background, the Delta 8 may help you feel less anxious right away.
  2. To help you fall asleep and stay asleep: While the CBD works in your body to calm nerves and pain, try using Delta 8 edibles to fall asleep faster. Many of our customers report that Delta 8 helps them fall asleep and stay asleep, with little to no grogginess in the morning.
  3. To help improve appetite: If you haven’t had much of an appetite, CBD is a no-brainer. But studies on Delta 8 have also shown strong antiemetic properties. So if you struggle with regular nausea or lack of appetite, try using CBD and Delta 8 together.
  4. To replace your Delta-9 Usage: According to cancer.gov (and many of our users) Delta 8 can have much less psychotropic potency than the THC you find in marijuana. This makes it ideal for those who typically feel overwhelmed, paranoid, or anxious when using Delta 9. We highly recommend starting in small doses to see how it affects you individually. But Delta 8 can be a great substitute for those looking for the benefits of THC and CBD together without the full intensity of Delta 9.

Important Reminder: The most important note here is that Delta 8 is not available in all states and you must be 21 or older to consume it. And it does cause a high. Because it’s THC, it will also show up on a drug test.

How should I dose Delta 8 and CBD together?

The proper dosing of CBD and Delta 8 will vary from person to person. And it will also vary a bit depending on the desired effects. In general, a 50/50 approach seems to be popular from what users have stated.

Note: Make sure to track your milligram intake as well as identify whether the CBD product you’re using is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or an isolate.

Not all Delta 8 gummies from brand-to-brand have the same dosing. Just like not all tinctures have the same milligram content of CBD. So track your dosing carefully.

Holding CBD Tincture near a plant

To start, you may want to try CBD and Delta 8 separately. If you’re a regular CBD user, but have never tried Delta 8, we recommend that you start small. Here are a couple of helpful guides on how to dose delta 8 as a vape and as an edible gummy.

Then, evaluate how that dosing makes you feel.

If you’re using CBD for symptom management, try keeping a journal to record how different methods and dosing of Delta 8 and CBD together affects you. You may find that you have different experiences when using a vape pen with CBD versus an edible. Remember to loop in your doctor to any changes in your symptom management routine.

How should I time my Delta 8 & CBD usage?

CBD’s effects tend to be subtle. But the entourage effect may increase how Delta 8 feels for you. That’s why it’s important to start slow and consider the delivery method of your Delta 8.

  • A Delta-8 Vape: You will likely feel the effects immediately after taking your first hit. Or shortly thereafter
  • Delta 8 Edibles: You’ll likely feel the effects within 30 – 90 minutes. But that timing can vary based on a lot of factors, like how much you had to eat today, and how much CBD you took

Give the Delta 8 time to work, and give yourself time to evaluate the effects before increasing your dosage of either cannabinoid.

How do I find the best Delta 8 products?

We could say a lot about the importance of due diligence when incorporating a new (and understudied) cannabinoid into your routine. But there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re selecting a quality product.

  1. Locate and study the independent product analysis: Third-party lab testing shouldn’t just tell you the breakdown of THC content. It should also test for harmful chemicals, additives, pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and more. The hemp plant is especially susceptible to harmful chemicals in the soil. That’s why sourcing your product from reputable companies with readily-available test results is critical.
  2. Research the brand & read reviews: With so little research completed on Delta 8, researching the brand and reading reviews can help you determine whether you want to try Delta 8.
  3. Be 21+ years old: And make sure it’s available in your state before trying it.

Not sure if Delta 8 is right for you? Why not give it a try and see? Click here to get a free sample pack of Moonwlkr Delta 8 sent right to your door. (Yes, we said free.)

What kind of CBD works best with Delta 8?

Moonwlkr CBD Oil Overview Infographic

There isn’t any research available right now about the dosage and varieties of CBD that work best to enhance the effects and potential benefits of Delta 8. However, CBD tinctures have long been a common and trustworthy source of CBD. To start, try incorporating a full-spectrum CBD tincture into your routine and see how it makes you feel.

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