What Does an HHC High Feel Like? - MoonWlkr What Does an HHC High Feel Like?

Are you thinking about trying HHC but wondering what an HHC high feels like?

You’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to understanding how HHC feels, we leave it up to our customers and people who have tried the product for themselves.

Looking for a quick refresher on HHC?

Here’s a quick recap:

Where can I get HHC products?

HHC is federally legal, derived from hemp, and ships to nearly every state (we will continue to monitor this in case things change).

HHC Gummies by Moonwlkr

What does an HHC high feel like?

Many Delta 8 users have asked, “What’s the difference? What is the high like?”

Because yes, HHC has psychoactive properties, and is more potent than Delta 8. In other words, it does get you high.

So, before we launched an HHC product, we of course went through rigorous testing and then ask for feedback, regarding taste, delivery, and effects.

Here’s what was reported:

“It’s definitely my preferred active compared to D8 and the rest – slow onset (1 hr) but hyper focus to multitask evenly across projects. Personally, 25mg is the perfect strength (for dabbers). For normal, smoke-once-in-a-while consumers, it needs to be 12.5mg”

Remember, everyone is different. Some people will have a higher tolerance, and others will be lower.

We always suggest starting with a smaller dose and finding what works best for you!

HHC Gummy Product

How does HHC compare to Delta 8 THC?

We noticed that the dose needed for HHC was often lower than the dose needed for Delta 8.

Feedback also suggested that HHC gummies were around a 45-75 minute onset, meaning that’s when the effects began to kick in. This may vary some.

Now, in terms of how it feels, this is where HHC and Delta 8 differ significantly.

HHC is more like a sativa and D8 is like an indica, the groggy effects of D8 last much longer than the “high” but HHC didn’t have a trace of grogginess. It was like a symbiotic energy drink that worked with your body to increase calmness and efficiency. Think Limitless but without the jitters and rush.

Delta 8 has been incredibly popular, but most have said they use it for full relaxation mode, sleep, and pain relief.

HHC, on the other hand, has been reported as being more of an “energetic” high, opening up creativity and focus.

And for that, we are proud to offer HHC gummies, each packed with 12.5mg, allowing for an easy way to dose.

Currently available in Watermelon and Blue Raspberry…our two most popular flavors. Give them a try today and let us know what your HHC high feels like.

What Does an HHC High Feel Like?