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The edible world has come a heck of a long way from those funny tasting, “special” brownies whipped up in your buddy’s crockpot. Ah, the good ole days!

Now you can get THC infused in pretty much anything food can imagine – from gummies, to rice crispies, to pasta and cheesecakes – the options are endless. But there’s another emerging layer of customization for the consumer. And that is: 

“What KIND of THC do you want in your edibles?”

Most of us would gaf and say, “uh, the normal kind?”, and unbeknownst to us, that “normal” kind of THC is actually called Delta-9 THC, aka. Marijuana. Very few of us are aware that Delta-9 isn’t the only type of THC, and not even the only type that gets you “high”.

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There’s a new kind of THC: Delta-8

There’s a new type of psychoactive cannabinoid surfacing with its own unique set of effects: Delta-8 THC. 

So first thing’s first, what’s the difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9, and what are the effects of each type of edible? Let’s dive in. 

How to Choose Between Delta-8 vs. Delta-9 Edibles

Say you’re edible shopping (legally, of course) and you’re trying to decide between a Delta 9 edible and a Delta 8 edible. 

Delta-9’s users report the following:

  • An intense high that hits you all at once 
  • Decrease in mental clarity & increase in confusion
  • Possible increase in heart rate, anxiety, and paranoia in a lot of users 

Delta-8’s users report the following:

  • A slightly less psychoactive high with a gradual come up
  • A more “clear-headed” mindset
  • Very few instances of anxiety or paranoia  

If the first set of characteristics suit you better, then you’re probably a Delta-9 marijuana fan. You want to get stoned. Fair enough! 

But if the effects of second set of characteristics are more attractive to you, then Delta-8 might be your new best friend. 

What to learn more about Delta 8 edibles? Here’s a guide for beginners.

Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC are substances that will produce a marijuana high, and both have very similar chemical properties, but Delta-8 has been reported to be slightly less psychoactive than Delta-9.

What this means is that Delta-8 seems to produce a more gentle “high” than it’s stronger counterpart Delta-9. 

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Because of this, users of Delta-8 tend to report a more enjoyable high with a gradual come up, without any paranoia, anxiety, or mental confusion that is usually associated with Delta-9. 

Delta-8 Edibles: What to Know

While Delta-8 has unique effects of it’s own, the method of consumption will alter your overall experience. Think about it… If you’ve ever eaten one of those “special brownies” I mentioned earlier, you might notice that it’s a much different experience than puffing on a joint. 

How long it takes to get high with a delta-8 edible

The onset of a high from edible THC usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes – and produces a high that just feels different than when you smoke THC. Edible highs tend to give you a heavier, and longer lasting high. This happens because your body processes THC differently when eaten.

How your body processes Delta-8 edibles

Your liver actually breaks THC down into a completely different, and much stronger compound called 11-hydroxy-THC. About 10x more 11-Hydroxy-THC is produced after ingestion, compared to inhalation. And that, my friends… Is why edibles just hit different. 

This process holds true for all THC edibles , but the psychoactive effects when consuming Delta-8 are reportedly less intense than the ones that would be produced from ingesting Delta-9 in the same quantity. 

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Delta-8 edibles: What are the effects?

1. A Delayed High + Onset

Similar to Delta-9, there will be a delayed high that occurs with Delta-8 edibles, which is usually at least 30 minutes. But when the onset does start to occur, the high that begins to set in is often described as more gradual than Delta-9. Delta-8 users report that there is a longer and more pronounced “come up” period, as opposed to getting hit hard, and all at once.

Delta-8 users say they tend to enjoy this come up period, saying that they feel light and productive as they inch their way to reaching the peak of the high.

Generally, the peak high will occur about 3 hours after eating, and clear from your system 10-12 hours after ingestion, depending on the dosage. 

2. Less Anxiety / Paranoia 

We all know people who have outlawed marijuana from their lives because of that infamous paranoid, anxious, and overall uncomfortable feeling associated with Delta-9.

While eating edibles have become a popular social activity, the effects of Delta-9 edibles can be too harsh, making it hard to focus and string cohesive thoughts together. Especially because ingesting THC will already produce more intense effects than inhalation (smoking). If you still want to participate in those edible nights but you crave a mellower high with more mental clarity, you might want to opt for Delta-8.

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With Delta-8 being less intense than marijuana, the favorable trade off is that many potential negative side effects associated with Delta-9 – such as paranoia, anxiety, and confusion are also reduced.

Here’s a guide that explains how to properly dose your delta-8 edible

3. Appetite Stimulation + Anti Nausea

The National Cancer Institute notes that Delta-8 has, “antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective qualities.”

That translates to… anti-vomiting/nausea, anti-anxiety, appetite-stimulating, pain relief, and neuron protecting qualities. 

If you’re thinking about biting into a Delta-8 edible, you might want to lock your pantry. Delta-8 actually stimulates your appetite even more than Delta 9!

While there is a whole lot more we don’t know about Delta-8, researchers found that along with an increase in appetite, it can reduce feelings of nausea and vomiting (known as antiemetic effect).

Research has also found Delta-8 THC to be 200% more effective as an antiemetic compared to Delta-9. Because of these astonishing medicinal properties and milder psychoactive effects, Delta-8 is becoming more and more recognized in the realm of cancer and chemotherapy.

Looking for more user-reported effects? 13 people tried a Delta-8 edible. Here’s what their high felt like

Where is Delta-8 THC available?

Unlike marijuana, Delta-8 THC is federally legal under the 2018 farm bill, which legalized and protects hemp/hemp derived products. 

So… What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? It’s simple:

  • Hemp: contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC
  • Marijuana: contains more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

In other words… As long as the THC content in the product is below 0.3%, it’s completely legal on the federal level. However, its availability to purchase may vary from state to state. We do our best to keep our shipping laws page updated with the most recent state rulings. Check out your state’s shipping laws here

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