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If you’re looking to take advantage of the Delta 8 boom and sell products for your own store/company, your best bet is to buy in bulk.

Whether you’re looking to buy wholesale or research private labeling options, we’ll get into both and what to look for.

Tips for Buying Delta 8 in Bulk

The first step is to find a company that manufactures their product in house. The two most common Delta 8 products you’ll likely be looking for are:

  1. Delta 8 vape cartridges: usually with a variety of flavors
  2. Delta 8 edibles: usually in the form of gummies

Companies that handle their manufacturing in-house have the lowest cost and create a seamless, one-stop shop for you as a bulk/wholesale buyer.

Be sure the company you select provides third-party lab results of their products to ensure quality and to know what you’re getting. Read our third-party lab results here.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have an understanding of the kind of bulk order you need. Most bulk orders are either for wholesale or for white labeling.

Delta 8 Wholesale

If you want to buy delta 8 wholesale, that means you’re buying Delta 8 from your selected producer in bulk, at a significantly reduced rate, to resell in your online or physical store.

Delta 8 White Labeling

When you white label Delta 8, you work directly with the producer to customize, modify, and then private or white label the products so they match your brand.

We highly recommend you work with a company who manufactures their product and offers white labeling services in house, as this can save you thousands of dollars (and headaches) in cumbersome middle-men.

Delta 8 Edibles in Bulk

Where can I buy Delta 8 in bulk?

There are several online retailers of Delta 8 to choose from. But if you’re looking for a streamlined, efficient, professional, and top-quality experience, we hope you’ll consider buying Delta 8 edibles and vape carts in bulk from Moonwlkr, an industry leader in top-quality and highly-rated delta 8 products.

But why buy from us?

At Moonwlkr, not only are we the industry leaders in Delta 8 (direct to consumer), but have one of (if not the largest) wholesale Delta 8 and CBD operations in the country. Plus, we already work with some of the biggest and best hemp brands in the industry.

It all comes down to our state of the art, in-house manufacturing facility.

All of our manufacturing and production is done in house. We specialize in Delta 8 vape cartridges and most notably, our edibles (gummies). If you’re interested in any CBD products, we can likely assist.

Currently, we manufacture up to 2 MILLION Delta 8 gummies per week, offering wholesale and white labeling products for some of the biggest brands in the hemp space.

Each of our products comes with 3rd party lab tests that can be sent to you at any time.

Looking to wholesale an existing product? Our team can send that over to you right away.

Looking to create an entirely new product? Once the sample is produced, our team makes sure we provide you with verified lab results right away.

How long does it take to get Delta 8 wholesale products?

One of the main things to look for when shopping for Delta 8 in bulk (other than price of course) is the time it takes to fulfill the order. You don’t want to place an order and then wait 6 weeks to get the product.

Because of our manufacturing capabilities, we have extremely quick turnaround times.

If it’s a wholesale order for Moonwlkr product and it’s in stock (well, as much as you need), it could take as little as 48 hours to ship your product.

If the product is out of stock, it will likely take about a week, depending on the size of the order.

Delta 8 Vape Carts in Bulk

If you’re more interested in a white label product, the entire process typically takes 3-4 weeks, but could vary based on how technical the order is.

Nevertheless, turnaround time is crucial to your business and ours so we aim to limit it as much as possible, while still being able to offer the most competitive prices in the industry.


Contact our team and see what they can do for you. Just give them a shout by filling out this form here

FAQ For Wholesalers + Bulk Orders

New to the Delta 8 scene? Then it’s important to have expert answers to your most important Delta 8 questions. Here are our most common FAQ that wholesalers and customers alike want to know.

What is Delta-8?

Known as a minor cannabinoid, Delta-8 THC is found in the hemp plant. Out in nature, it only exists in fractions of a percent.

Using a meticulous process of applying the right amount of light and heat, cannabinoids extracted in the hemp plant can be converted into Delta-8 THC.

Many of our users like to think of Delta-8 THC as a middle ground between CBD and the traditional Delta-9 THC.

For more information, visit this page.

Does Delta 8 get you high?

Yes, Delta 8 does get you high but is user-reported to be less psychoactive than Delta 9 THC (marijuana).

It’s important to note that Delta 8 THC will show up on a drug test.

How long does a Delta 8 high last?

This largely depends on the amount the user takes and by which form they choose.

For example, the high from Delta 8 vape cartridges may last anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours since the last “puff” whereas an edible will typically last from 4-6 hours.

You can see all dosing guidelines and “high” effects here, broken down by each form of consumption:

Is Delta 8 THC legal?

Delta 8 is federally legal, allowing us to ship to most states. However, there are some state restrictions so you’ll want to check with local authorities and see if you can sell it in your area.

Our team will be happy to help check if it’s available in your state.

What does a delta 8 high feel like?

Users describe it as a “clear headed high without the anxiety or paranoia that many users experience with Delta 9 THC (marijuana).”

Where can I read user reviews?

All of our reviews can be viewed here.

We’ve built a big community that continues to grow. Each customer uses Delta 8 in their own way, many taking advantage of its sedative effects in higher doses, daily pain management, as well as an uplifting, euphoric feeling.

If you have questions about white labeling delta 8, buying delta 8 in bulk, or want to talk about the best deal for wholesale, contact our team today.