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What is Delta 10? How Does it Compare?

What is Delta 10? How Does it Compare?

Mar 9, 2022 | 0 comments

Delta-9 has been around forever. Delta-8 is blowing up the market. And now, Delta-10 is starting to make its way onto shelves.

But what’s the difference between Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10? Delta-10 is the newest cannabinoid on the market. In this article, we break down everything we’ve learned about it so far.

First, let’s start with the basics.

Delta-9 vs Delta-8 vs Delta-10




Major cannabinoid. Delta-9 is synonymous with marijuana.

Minor cannabinoid. Does not exist naturally in significant amounts. Uses scientific extraction.

Minor cannabinoid. Does not exist naturally in significant amounts. Uses scientific extraction.

Can exist as sativa or indica

Many users describe as an indica

Many users describe as a sativa

Different strains & delivery methods can produce different effects

Tends to be relaxing, calming, and may help you sleep. May help with anxiety

Reported to be a light, stimulating high with more energy. May help with creativity

Delta-9 will get you high and is very potent

Delta-8 will get you high, but is tends to be less potent than Delta-9

Delta-10 will get you high but probably less high than Delta-9 according to a widely-referenced pigeon study

Can cause anxiety and paranoia

Is described as a halfway point between CBD and Delta-9, leading to less anxiety and paranoia with calming effects

Is described as a creative stimulant, promoting focus and energy without anxiety and paranoia

Widely available in a variety of products, including medical applications, although not legal everywhere

Becoming more and more available on the market, and while it’s technically federally legal, not every state allows it.

Only minimally available. Always look for 3rd party independent testing and check local regulations

Available as flower, vapes, dabs, tinctures, gummies, other edibles, and more

Widely available as edible gummies and vapes

New products still emerging, but commonly consumed as a tincture

Delta-9 is THC and therefore will show up on a drug test

Delta-8 is THC and therefore will show up on a drug test

Delta-10 is THC and therefore will show up on a drug test

What is Delta-10?

Delta 10 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in hemp. It exists in extremely small amounts but can be carefully extracted using scientific processes. Due to its novelty and concerns around its availability and legality, not much is known about its applications or effects. Initial feedback from users describes Delta-10 as being less potent than Delta-9, which is appealing to those looking to use THC for daily activities. It tends to be described as a sativa, which may promote energy, alertness, and creativity. Almost no studies have been completed.

Will Delta 10 get you high?

Yes. Delta-10 is a THC (a Tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore will produce a high feeling. While more research needs to be completed, an early study on pigeons showed that pigeons that took Delta-10 got less high than those who took Delta-9.

READ MORE: The Pigeon Study

What does a Delta 10 high feel like?

We’ll learn more about Delta-10 over time. But users typically describe Delta-10 as a sativa. Initial feedback describes Delta-10 as promoting:

  • Greater creativity
  • Alertness
  • Energy
  • Feelings of euphoria

Here’s how David Reckles from Private Label Hemp Lab describes Delta-10:

“Delta-10 is uplifting and perfect for daytime use. I think Delta-10 is going to be insanely popular because it offers euphoria and increased focus, without the paranoia and anxiety some users report from Delta-9.”

How did Delta 10 get discovered?

While Delta-10s true origins can’t be pin-pointed, there is general consensus in the hemp community that Delta-10 was discovered, very much by accident, by Fusion Farms.

Here’s the story as we know it:

California wildfires were rampant not too long ago. And in order to help prevent the massive spread, firefighters dropped fire retardants from the sky onto the land. Wind and other factors caused those retardants to travel, ultimately impacting crops like hemp.

Fusion Farms wanted to get their extraction business off the ground. And unbeknownst to them, had purchased biomass contaminated with fire retardant. The fire retardant, combined with their extraction methods, led to the development of Delta-10.

“Back at Fusion Farms’ processing facility, after extracting the hemp biomass and distilling the extract to remove any non-volatile fire retardant components, they noticed unusual crystals forming in the distillate. What was this? The crystals couldn’t have been THCA, which isn’t present after high-temperature distillation, and they didn’t look like any other cannabinoid crystal structure the team had encountered. So, through repeated recrystallization, the team purified the solid and began instrumental analysis to identify the unknown crystals.”

Eventually, the team discovered, after much testing, that certain food-grade additives could help to produce Delta-10 in significant quantities. (And was a lot safer than fire retardant!)

Read the whole story of Delta-10’s origin on Extraction Magazine.

How does Delta 10 affect the body? Is it safe?

More research needs to be done. We feel confident that once restricting laws are lifted, that science can have more opportunity to study the possible benefits and effects of minor cannabinoids like Delta-10.

According to CBD Testers:

“I think it’s safe to assume that the effects will be similar to other tetrahydrocannabinols, and that it will likely interact with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors in a similar way.”

Will Delta 10 show up on a drug test?

Yes, all Delta THC varietals will show up on a drug test. Even if the THC is derived from CBD (federally legal). That’s because drug tests are only able to test for the presence of THC — no the specific type.

Learn more about THC and drug testing here.

Where can I buy Delta 10?

Delta-10 is available online through some online retailers. And some companies are even wholesaling to fill shelves.

As a leader in the Delta-8 industry, we cannot stress enough the importance of researching the company you buy from and ensuring there is independent testing completed. Third party lab testing, also known as a COA (Certificate of Analysis) is incredibly important.

At Moonwlkr, we source all of our help and manufacture everything ourselves. So there’s a lot of transparency in the process. Check out our COAs for every product here.

However, as we’ve seen from Fusion Farm’s accident, it’s possible to get great results from toxic methods (fire retardant). That’s why independent testing is so critical. You don’t just want to know how much THC is present. You also want to be sure you aren’t putting harmful chemicals into your body.

View our selection of Delta-8 products here.

The future of Delta 10

At Moonwlkr, we’re excited about the new possibilities that minor cannabinoids can bring – not only to the hemp market – but to the people who already benefit from Delta-9 and CBD products. While more studies and research need to be done on all hemp products, we love hearing feedback from our users about how Delta-8 helps them feel less anxious, fall asleep, stay asleep, and just chill.

We believe in our product so much we’d like to invite you to try it for free. Yup. You read that right. Free. Learn more and get your free D8 sample here

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