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1600mg Vanilla Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Tincture


Our 3:1, CBD/CBN tincture with a touch of vanilla to help send you into a deep sleep.

CBN has received national attention for being the “sedative” cannabinoid, but appears in much smaller quantities than CBD, making it harder for consumers to get their hands on it.

Our goal is to spread the word about these minor cannabinoids, like CBN, to give consumers the best experience possible. That’s why we packed 1200mg of CBN and 400mg of CBD into each tincture which may help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep!


  • Sourced organically from US-based hemp farms
  • Non-GMO, pesticide free, and herbicide free
  • 1200mg of CBD + 400mg of CBN
  • Bottle → 1oz (30ml) 
  • Serving Size → 1 Dropper (1ML) = 40mg CBD and 13mg CBN, 30 Servings

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