What is CBG?

CBG, also known as Cannabigerol, is one of 120 cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, yet appears in much smaller quantities than CBD and THC.

However, despite this fact, CBG has been praised as the “mother of all cannabinoids”. The main reason for this is that all cannabinoids can be traced back to CBG, as they are derived from Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA).

What is it used for?

Pain Management + Inflammation:

  • Early studies reveal that “CBG has more potent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties than THC.” See the Study Here
  • Another study states that CBN “also exhibits GABA uptake inhibition to a greater extent than THC or CBD, suggesting possible utilization as a muscle relaxant in spasticity” See the Study Here

More potential health benefits attributed to CBG may include...

  • Cancer Fighting Properties
  • Anti-Nausea
  • Antibacterial
  • Reduces Eye Pressure (Glaucoma)
  • Bladder Issues (IBS)

Does CBN get you high?

No, CBG is not psychoactive and does not get you high!

Why combine it with CBD?

We strongly believe in the entourage effect. We combine our full spectrum CBD oil with pain relieving effects of its own with CBG isolate to create a powerful and potent pain relief aid. CBD and CBG may also work synergistically to help manage and relieve a wide range of aches and pains, as well as promote an overall sense of balance throughout the body.

Inside the Gummy.

Each gummy contains 25mg CBD and 10mg CBG, specifically designed for daily use and helping to relieve pain and discomfort.