5 Reasons To Try Moonwlkr Sleep Gummies

The simple formula trusted by thousands to fall asleep, stay asleep, without prescriptions or pills and without feeling “foggy” in the morning.

1 Fall Asleep on Your Schedule, Even When Your Mind Doesn’t Want You To.

The harder you try to relax, the further you push it away. Worries about work, personal life, or 99 other problems that keep the mind active and produce stress hormones in the body, making it difficult to transition into “sleep mode”.

Our gummies work to activate this “sleep mode” within 45 minutes – you will actually FEEL it working.

2 You Often Wake up in the Middle of the Night.

This is a sign you’re not reaching deep sleep. Usually this is due to “stress sleeping” or pain and discomfort that’s made worse from restlessness. Our formula works to relieve stress AND pain at the same time.

3 Other Sleep Aids Leave You With a Morning “Hangover

Other products either don’t work at all, make you feel groggy the next day, or only help you fall asleep, but do nothing to keep you asleep. Our gummies will never leave you with that strung out “hungover” feeling the next morning. The whole point is to wake up feeling refreshed, right? RIGHT!

4 You Want Something Simple, Natural, and Non Habit Forming

The #1 problem with melatonin and other OTC sleep aids is that they deplete your body’s natural sleep hormones, creating dependency. Rest easy knowing you can take our product every night, or only when you need it, without forming a dependency habit.

5 Moonwlkr’s 3 Ingredient Sleep Formula Addresses Multiple Sleep Factors Without Side-Effects or Drawdowns

The combination of THC, CBD, and CBN is truly the ultimate “dream team”. 30-45 minutes after consumption, you’ll start to FEEL it working. CBD calms, easing anxiety and stress in the body and mind. THC induces sleepiness, while simultaneously relieving aches and pains. CBN works to promote sedation and extend sleep duration. It’s a natural, all-in-one formula that just works!

Ready for Sweet, Sweet Sleep?

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